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Veritas Professional Legal Services

Veritas is an established UK based company founded by two fully qualified professionals who have worked, for some time, in the industry and garnered invaluable experience in the process.

Their wealth of experience is reflected in the full range of services offered and their ability to advise on all cost related matters. It is, however, important to note that the founders wanted more than just a new company, they wanted a better way of doing things.

But then all companies say that right?

Not Veritas.

To prove intent Veritas guarantees:-

We Will Never Charge Twice for the Same Bill. ?

This does happen, mainly as a consequence of the way that files are often costed. For example, where there is an unforseen change to a bill that requires re-parting or re-costing some firms will charge again for, what is effectively, duplication.

Veritas' bills are held electronically with full data fidelity and comprehensive amendment capabilities, therefore, any changes required can be made easily and since a file would never need recosting you would never be charged twice for the same work!

We Will Give Truthful Advice (Even if it Hurts). ?

As solicitors you will be well aware of this predicament; where a client is set on a course of action that is no longer viable or is potentially self destructive.

This can happen in costs too. As professionals we will always, not only give our best opinion, but also actively suggest the best course of action to affect the optimal outcome.

We Will Endeavour to Give Realistic Estimates on Deadlines. ?

If we can't do the work quickly we will tell you - simple as that!

We will not hold on to it and promise deadlines we know we cannot make.

We will, however, keep you fully informed as to the status of your files.

Of course things can and do happen that affect deadlines but if they do we will let you know.

We believe that trust is an important element in gaining the loyalty of our clients.
We Will Not Charge a Higher rate than the Case Requires. ?

On many occasions your files will be dealt with by our fee earners of a higher grade than the case warrants. In these instances, we will only charge the rate/grade appropriate for the work.

On the flip side - your bills will not be prepared by a lower grade fee earner than the file requires.