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We handle ALL aspects of cost budgeting.

Our unique software keeps track of your valuable data.

We will take the strain from beginning to end.

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We Also Provide a Full Range of Support Services for Solicitors' in-house Cost Departments.

We Work for Our Clients

At Veritas we are acutely aware that we are representatives of our clients and how we comport ourselves reflects on those whom we represent. Therefore we are determined that you, as clients, receive the highest standards of representation that you deserve. You will not find us advertising self defeating targets or aims, but you will find that we always work, very hard, to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Because costs can be a complex area there are times when our clients cases can become bogged down with problems, we always aim to navigate you through them as safely as possible.


Looking after your "Baby"

We understand that your cases and files have "lived and breathed" with you for some time and that they are important to you. In many circumstances they become more than just work. We will treat them with the utmost care and respect and will ensure that:- You will be kept fully informed of the progress of your case file. We will update you regularly with its progress. You will be informed of any events, connected or not, that may impact it. We will give you our advice as to how to best provide for its future.

Maintaining Accuracy with Efficiency.

It's fine talking about accuracy but, let's face it, what we are really talking about is potential errors! From our own experience in this field we already know that this is a problem area that, if ignored, leaves clients such as you kept in the dark. That attitude is both precarious and often unprofitable. In order to address this issue the first step is to acknowledge its existence. We have invested heavily in specialist software which includes (at our request) many automated data integrity checking features. This is in addition to our normal checking procedures, allows for greater efficiency and a quicker turnaround. We believe that in order to achieve proper accuracy the costing industry needs to get away from dictation and pen and paper (yes these are still in use - fine for files and letters but not appropriate for figures).

We Publish our Data to You.


Each Bill of Costs we produce is accompanied by a confidential client report just for you. Whilst we are not willing to publish these (to our competitors) on this website, you can be rest assured that these reports give you enough information to check the Bill and feel confident about what it contains. It also includes features to properly assess any risk and is a boon to practice managers too. During the billing process our experienced draftsmen also include risk assessment data which allows us to put you in a position of knowledge from the outset. In addition to making the whole process much easier for you this can also prevent the situation becoming entrenched or getting into an unwanted position which can suck both time and funds. No more need for you to be asked to make an uninformed decision on costs. You will always have a good idea where your parameters lie.

We Care about our business.

It sounds corny maybe, but how often is it actually true? Veritas is concerned with its reputation. We want regular clients; it makes for good business and for a happier work environment for everyone.