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Veritas Professional Legal Services provides full legal costing services, mainly for Solicitors and businesses in England & Wales. Please take the time to peruse this website and, if you find it of interest, do not hesitate to contact us. You will find us polite, professional and, most of all, helpful.

Legal Costs


The arena of Legal Costs has become increasing complex and difficult and yet the subject is too important to you and your business to risk getting it wrong.

With new rules and interpretations continually appearing it doesn't look like it will get any easier any time soon.

Ship Captains, as good as they are, do not navigate their vessels into unfamiliar or tricky harbours.

They use Pilots who are local experts fully trained in the treacherous waters around them. Pilots are the specialists in their area.

Legal costs is no different, the chances of winging it are long gone, you need professional local expertise if you are to maximise your rights to costs and reduce the risk to acceptable levels. The drafting of legal bills can be a minefield, rules frequently change and new interpretations abound.

By employing experts you can relax and devote your time to what really matters to you, serving your clients.


Some of the Case Types we handle

Care Claims

Veritas regularly deals with Care Claims and understands the many nuances of them.

It is perhaps worth noting that we also understand that there are often specific confidentiality issues or requirements and can reassure you that we treat such matters with the utmost of care.

Care Claims - Legal Aid As with ALL legal aid billing we do we defer payment until you receive yours and limit our charges to the amount as assessed by the LAA so that you will never be left "out of pocket" due to our charges For full information on our legal aid work please flip to the Legal aid tab.

Care Claims - Privately Funded In addition to all the legal costs services we at Veritas supply, we can provide full or short form billing and are fully cognisant of the 1/5th rule. If it is an own client bill you require it may give your client reassurance that your bill has been produced by a separate specialist company who has reviewed all the records.